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Hi, I’m David Bradley, founder of Revellers’ Club.

All my life I've I organised parties, for fun. House parties, dinner parties, punting parties, Halloween Parties, spontaneous lunches, trips to pubs, nightclubs and to exotic fun party places such as the deliciously louche (but now chic) Sea Club in Mallorca.

Then, in October 2015, slightly out of practice, I organised a trip to the James Bond premier at the time (in what would have been James Bond's local cinema, on the Kings Road, off which the Ian Fleming’s James Bond lived in a “tree lined square”).


I block-booked tickets in pairs of seats, nearest to the isle. That way people could escape to the loo half way through, without contemplating the “stagger of shame” along their row of seats.

That was just as well, because I’d arranged a drinks and supper party before, in a room above a nearby pub, and people tend to drink a lot at such dos. I handed out the tickets as people quaffed back gins, vodkas and the then fashionable Prosecco. 


It was a gassy party. Some weren’t necessarily interested in James Bond, but saw it as a chance to catch up with friends. The film was actually a bit dull, but we were all sufficiently jollied to venture across to the Kings Road to the151 afterwards. After queue jumping by fibbing to the doorman we'd come to extract our teenage children sniffing drugs in their loos, we ended the evening in revelry.

Soon after I was a on train to London for a meeting, pondering the positive response to that evening. What we needed was a Club. Whilst checking Godaddy over South West Train's wobbly WIFI, I noticed was free. So I registered it. When I mentioned this to the guy I was meeting, he boomed with enthusiasm “I love it. We could have a Revellers’ Club tie!”

Well, we don’t have a Revellers’ Club tie, but we do have a network of Revellers who meet regularly for, yes, film trips, but also trips to Peralta, Tuscany, Backgammon evenings, dinners and lunches, as well as debates and talks on everything from politics to Bitcoin.


Take a look at “past events” on the menu above.

Everyone who joins does so by invitation from another Reveller.



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