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General Backgammon Rules

007 Backgammon House Rules

Players need a basic understanding of the game. However, if your opponent is a bit rusty, please be patient and feel free to update him/her on the rules. These can be read here:

Players play one game, then move on to another player. (Where possible, don’t play the same player twice.)

If you finish early and have no one else to play, lucky you. You can get a drink at the bar (located in the room we’re playing in) until someone comes free!

Whoever accumulates most points by 9pm wins a bottle of champagne.



The winning player wins one point. (We’re ignoring backgammoning etc, to keep things simple/fast.)

At the end of the game, if the Doubling Cube has been turned, the winner multiplies their one point by the number face up on the Doubling Cube.

Whoever accumulates the most points by 9pm wins a bottle of champagne.


About the Doubling Cube

At the start of the game, the Cube shows 64 facing up. It has no value unless a player offers to "Double". If accepted by the other player, the Cube is "doubled" - so turned.

After the first Double, 2 is shown facing up. After the next, it's 4. Then it's 8, 16 and so on.

If you offer a double, your opponent must accept. Otherwise he/she forfeits the game. You then get all the points at stake before the start of your turn.

Once your opponent accepts your double, you can only double again after they’ve doubled you.

At the end of the game, if you win, you multiply your points by the face value of the Doubling Cube.

We are not playing using Automatic Doubles, Beavers and the Jacoby Rule.

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