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Understanding Bitcoin
What is it, how does it work and where is it going?

Meet Jonathan de Rin, Bitcoin miner and expert and Kristiane Backer - $100m bitcoin fund raiser.

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Wednesday 19th January 2022.

Venue: Upstairs, Prince Albert Pub, Albert Bridge Road, SW11.

Drinks (cash bar), Talk,

dinner for those who want to stay on. 

  Arrive/Drinks 6.30pm (Cash Bar)

Talk 7.00pm

Dinner (not included in price) 8.45pm



£30 Each 

If we have to postpone because of Omicron and you can’t make the new date, you can either have a free ticket to a talk later on, or you money back. In addition, on 19th Jan, the speakers will host a Zoom meeting at 6.30pm, so they can present and take questions.

Kristiane has just helped secure funding for a hydroelectric bitcoin mine in Norway. She is a tech and art fund raiser and fine art consultant. As an arch communicator, she was an MTV presenter interviewing rock stars in the 1990s and author of MTV to Mecca. She’s fabuously connected in the Muslim world. 

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Jonathan De Rin is an early Bitcoin investor and now Bitcoin miner. He is one of the early founders of Ethereum and has been in cryptography since 1996 starting with e-cash. Ex Barclays Bank.

Jonathan can explain complex technologies in simple yet compelling terms. That is why he’s been successful raising money for various tech start-ups over the years and why he will contribute to a lively and compelling talk to Revellers on 19th January.  

He has recently invested in a hydroelectric Bitcoin mine in Norway that lies off the electricity grid, mining Bitcoin from otherwise wasted green power. He’s seeking co-investors for 5 other similar mines.

David Bradley will interview Jonathan and Kristiane to discover Bitcoin's story, how it works and how it may affect the future of money. 

We'll be seeking clarity on as many of these questions as time allows:

  • What is Bitcoin? What does it look like? Is it a currency? Or is it merely a receptical for speculation?

  • Does Bitcoin have some actual use - for example currency for the unbanked or for those living under dictatorship, means to keep money and send it around the world?

  • How does Bitcoin work?

  • Is Bitcoin sustainable? Apparently, it uses as much electricity as Holland and Switzerland combined.

  • How much Bitcoin can be produced by Green Power?

  • You will hear why Jonathan expects Bitcoin to reach more than $1m within the next 5 years. (Really?)

  • If Bitcoin rises to $1m, won't it destabalise the world's financial system with a correction.

  • How can Bitcoin best be regulated?

  • Will Bitcoin mean the end of Government control of Money?

  • The Euro has contributed to mass unemployment in Southern Europe. If Bitcoin replaces fiat currency, won't governments' loss of freedom to devalue lead to mass poverty?

£30 Each 

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