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Special offer for Revellers to joint the Harbour Club M&A Community (with accompanying course), with £1000 off for first 5 that join (and £500 off for each thereafter). 

Revellers' Club members interested in small business M&A have been offered an exclusive joining discount. To apply, click the button below.

About Harbour Club

Not to be confused with the famous Tennis Club in London, the Harbour Club was founded in 2009 by Jeremy Harbour. It teaches entrepreneurs to acquire small businesses without using their own capital or debt. It is now a thriving community of dealmakers, who share opportunities and collaborate. It has become a hotbed of innovation too. The Agglomeration process of listing small businesses was born out of Harbour Club. 

Harbour Club is for you if...

  • You own a business that you might want to sell within 5 years, but your net profits are less than £1.5m. Harbour Club can teach you how to find other businesses to buy (or merge with), so you have a much more valuable business to sell - plus many more options and opportunities.  (See below). 

  • You own a business that makes net profits £1.5m and you want to expand using a unique, effective public listing process, Agglomeration.

  • You already acquire SMEs and want to find out the latest strategies and discover valuable sources of deal flow. 

  • You have a profitable business, but you want to use an M&A "buy and build" approach to acquiring more customers and profits.

  • You have  an idea for a new business, but you don't want to go through the hard slog of raising capital for a start up - starting off with zero customers and revenues. You'd rather buy an existing business without using your own capital, nor incurring debt. It has teams, systems, processes and above all revenues, so you can hit the ground running. You then adjust the business to execute your plan. Unlike with a start up, you can well end up owning all the shares.

What Harbour Club can give you includes...

  • The ability to do international deals via the community of around 1,500 Harbour Club members around the world.

  • 15 deal structures that allow you to buy a business without using your own capital. Harbour Club is a hotbed of new ideas for deal structures. For example, it helped innovate the Agglomeration approach for small business public listings, which can provide rapid wealth creation for business owners.

  • All the required agreements to acquire a company, whether it's distressed or profitable, so you don't have to engage in expensive lawyers. (Including one that allows you to control a business with a less than 50% shareholding.)

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