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Revellers Debates

Debate your views about the great topics of the day with your fellow Revellers.

Introducing Rebellers' Club Debates

Do you feel strongly about a certain topic?
Would you like to argue your cause against an adversary, and win?
Do you like the idea of winning your argument by the number of people who vote for you? 

If so, Revellers' Club Debates could be a good idea.
Please let Revellers' Club know your views by completing this v short form.
Many thanks!

Possible Topics

  • Should low-strength Marijuana be legalised?

  • Should women in the 21st century pay for dinner on a date?

  • Should we encourage a negotiated peace in Ukraine, even if Russia retains some gains?

  • Was the British Empire on balance positive for the World?

  • Will China be the world's largest economy by 2040?

  • Should the UK government have permitted gas fracking?

  • Is Nuclear Power expensive, polluting and dangerous and so should be jettisoned?

  • Should AI be curtailed to avoid robots ruling (and destroying) humans?


The debates would start at around 6.30pm and continue till 8pm. Drinks and dinner would follow. After all, Revellers' Club is about being social.

The venue would hold up to 60 people seated. (I'm also looking at a venue on the Fulham Road that could do 60 standing, for a more interactive, freewheeling occasion.)

There would be a chairman and two debating teams, each with two members. One team would propose the motion; the other would oppose it.

Each speaker would speak for 5 minutes. After 20 minutes the floor would respond with questions.

A starting vote would assess the audience mood. A vote at the end would decide the winning team.


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