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An Evening With...
James Bartholomew,
Author, Journalist and Founder of the
Museum of Communist Terror

David Bradley interviews author and journalist James Bartholomew about the story behind the Museum of Communist Terror, why he started it and how it's connected to his writing about the welfare state.

£32 Each

Monday 15th May 2023

The Bridge Room (upstairs), The Prince Albert, 85 Albert Bridge Road, London SW11

Arrive 7pm - Drinks at the bar

Talk starts 7.30pm

Optional dinner 8.30pm

Bartholomew's lunch guest was marched off, arrested and never seen again...

In the 1980s James travelled overland to London from Hong Kong. 

What he witnessed affected him badly - and shaped his future writing.

The Hong Kong he left was prosperous, dynamic and free.  What followed on his travels was grinding poverty and empty shelves and coercion.   Fears of torture and forced labour in freezing -43 degree temperatures pervaded. One friend James met along the way was marched off and arrested in front of him.

This all chimed with a reported 50-100 million people being starved or executed under Stalin.

Could this befall Western democracies in future?

Only 45% of GCSE students in the UK study history. For those that do, the syllabus doesn't provide any moral commentary about Stalin and communism as it does about Nazi Germany. Is there an unconscious left-leaning bias within the teaching establishment that makes it a reluctant judge of communism?

So what hope for future generations' leaders?

Children born after 1990 will have no memories of the Cold War, torture and persecution of the Soviet Union, the Khmer Rouge and Communist China. They are being taught it in neutral, not moral terms. Like commentary during a sports game.

Which is why James has established the Museum of Communist Terror.

£22 Early Bird Before Friday 28th April.

£32 thereafter.

David Bradley will be fielding questions from the audience, and asking...

* Tell us about the Museum of Communist Terror, what it is today, why you established it and its aims. 


* What were the gulags and communist prisons actually like?

Behind Bars Illustration.png

* Tell us about some of the remarkable stories of people you interviewed that escaped communism and survived.


* How did your experience with communism lead to 20 years of researching welfare states and writing two renowned books, The Welfare State We're In and The Welfare of Nations


* Is Britain sleepwalking into a totalitarian nightmare? Are left-leaning educational institutions and the rise of Woke culture a subtle onset of totalitarianism?


* Why do communist regimes, despite their apparent benevolent goals of fostering fairness and equality, ultimately incarcerate and torture those who dissent?

About James Bartholomew

James Bartholomew.png

James Bartholomew is a journalist, author and founder of the Museum of Communist Terror and the Foundation For the History of Totalitarianism. His books include The Welfare State We’re In and The Welfare of Nations. The latter was listed in the Sunday Times' top 5 political books when it was published in 2015. His articles have appeared in publications including the Daily Telegraph and the Spectator, where in addition to a number of finely written, opinion-forming articles he invented the phrase “virtue signalling”.

Monday 15th May 2023

The Bridge Room (upstairs), The Prince Albert, 85 Albert Bridge Road, London SW11

Arrive 7pm - Drinks at the bar

Talk starts 7.30pm

Optional dinner 8.30pm

£32 Each.

Meet the Survivor of the -45 degree Siberian Hard Labour Camp, Kolyma... 

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