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The Advantages Membership

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Social Membership

There are three levels of Membership, starting from £12 / month and a £10 one-off, lifetime joining fee (reduced from £200 as a special offer expiring on Halloween).
There's no contract; you can cancel anytime — email David Bradley to do that.
Benefits of Membership include member-only events, several free events or discounted ones. Plus, there's a Facebook Group via which you can communicate with fellow Revellers and post ideas for discussion. 

Membership Level Summary 
Social Membership: £12/month - attend Revellers' Club social gatherings free, such as the next 4th July Party, and receive discounts on talks.

Full Membership £27/month: Free social events and talks plus the ability to bring a "plus one".

VIP Membership £105/ month: All benefits of the above, but with the option to bring up to five others to events for free. Useful for client entertainment. 

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