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Revellers' Club News

What's coming up... 

Wednesday 28th June '23
From The Hip - arguably the UK's top cover band performs live at Nells. Revellers Johny Yorke and Rob Errington are playing.


Friday 30th June '23 
Reveller Georgine Thorburn is organising a fabulous Coronation Ball.
This is not a Revellers' Club event. Do liaise directly with Georgine about details.

Tuesday 4th July '23 
Independence Day Party at Kosmopol, arguably London's TOP Swedish cocktail bar. Cocktails, Hot Dogs, Dancing.

Monday 11th September
Talk: Charles Spicer will launch the paperback of his excellent, well-received book "Coffee With Hitler". Charles will explain how three British amateur spies might have prevented World War 2. They befriended the Nazi high command in the1930s (hence the book's title). They had a taming effect on senior Nazis, who were almost reverential towards Great Britain and the Empire. Perhaps the three could have nipped the Nazis'  virulent, murderous and catastrophic antisemitism in the bud. We'll never know. But they also had excellent and, as Charles proves, accurate intelligence about the poor state of the Nazi's military capability in the mid-1930s. But outrageously, the FCO ignored it. So the Nazis walked into the Rhineland without a murmur. You know what followed. 
Save the date. We will publish more details over the next few weeks. 

14th - 19th September
Peralta, Tuscany

The (long weekend) from Thursday 14th to Monday 15th, we'll be in Peralta, Tuscany. Peralta is a magical hamlet in the Apennine foothills with the  Ligurian Sea in the distance. On a clear day, you can see Corsica. Hillside evening walks to charming Tuscan restaurants, local morning markets and trips to Pietrasanta and Lucca for aperitivos and culture beckon.

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