Some Recent Events

Col Stuart Tootal's Talk on Afghanistan 17/11.21

Col Stuart Tootal DSO OBE provided insights into the current Afghan situation, as well as a fascinating talk about his experiences leading the 3rd Battalion Parachute Regiment (3 PARA) in 2005 spearheading the UK's first deployment into Helmand. At the time, the then Labour Defence Secretary, John Reid, said their mission was part anti-narcotics and part peace support and that he’d be surprised if a single shot is fired. Stuart pointed out that in the end 3 PARA fired well over 500,000 rounds.

Stuart described many aspects of the campaign, including a vivid glimpse of life in 55 degree heat with limited washing facilities and being under constant fire. In Stuart’s experience and opinion, the campaign in Helmand could have been successful if it had focused on providing local funding to the villages using a Command Control structure, rather than burning poppies, their main income source. With regards to the situation today, Stuart expressed sadness, regret and utter surprise as to how the withdrawal was handled. To help Afghan refugees and translators, Stuart will soon be organising fundraising about which Revellers will be made aware.

Toby Young's Talk - Free Speech Union 5/10.21 - 40 Revellers listened to Toby explain what the Free Speech Union is doing to combat the invasive and expanding "cancel culture". Toby spoke about professors being forced to resign because students are offended by their teachings. Particularly chilling was a story about a Public Sector employee fired for using a perfectly legal, though non-PC term, in a private WhatsApp message. Happily, most victims were re-instated after the Free Speech Union wrote to bosses, pointing out they were breaking the law.  The Free Speech Union is doing much behind the scenes, helping lawmakers draft laws that enhance Free Speech. Click here to learn more about the Free Speech Union.  

Thruxton Track day 10/11 October 2020 - a day of Testosterone and Speed followed by antique shopping, tea and dinner. Country walks followed on Sunday. 

Gawain Towler Talk, 2nd March 2020 - Gawain is one of the UK's most successful political PR specialists as Nigel Farage's PR Director. Even for those  who thought Brexit an unmitigated disaster, he provided valuable PR advice and some fascinating anecdotes in a very entrtaining presentation - which continued during dinner.  Podcast interview here.

Stewart Pearce Talk, 17th February 2020 - Stewart Pearce is one of the World's most renowned voice coaches. His clients included Princess Diana, Margret Thatcher, Minnie Driver, Vanessa Redgrave, Joely Richardson, Michelle Williams, Hugh Bonneville, Eddie Redmayne, Simon Callow, Matthew Goode, and Mark Rylance. He gave a fascinating presentation on how to command your audience by "finding your note". Podcast interview here. 

Backgammon at Brinkleys, 13th January 2020 - An evening of high stakes drama an intense competition to win a bottle of champagne. Drinks flowed during and dinner followed. A lot of fun.

Ian George Talk, 5th November 2019 - Ian George is a highly paid and exceptionally effective professional business introducer. If you want to meet a cabinet minister, no problem. A billionaire, considerate it done. A Walmart buyer, whose time is worth more than hens teeth made of gold, well that is his bread and butter. Ian had a fascinating story to tell as he spilt the beans on his techniques to get through to - and convince - the most powerful to see his clients. That included what it felt like being near famous boxing impresario Frank Warren when he was shot. (Both survived.) Podcast interview here.

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