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$0 - $245m The Peter Neilson Story

Find out what happened after a Revellers' Club Bitcoin Talk sparked a $billion idea...

Peter Neilson AuBit.jpg

Peter Neilson talks to David Bradley about how a Revellers' Club event sparked the founding of a AuBit. Discover the opportunity Blockchain has unleashed and hear Peter's extraodinary story. A rollercoaster ride, from founding and selling a successful telecoms business in the 1990s to AuBit's exciting valuaton.

Wednesday 16th February 2022.

Venue: Upstairs, Prince Albert Pub, Albert Bridge Road, SW11.

Complementary Drinks Throughout


Dinner for those that want to stay on. 

  Arrive/Drinks 7pm

Talk 7.30pm

Dinner (not included in price) 8.45pm



Early Bird - £22 each (Expires 19th January.)

Standard - £32 Each 


You will also...

  • Discover how Blockchain works when it comes to investing.

  • Learn about how AuBit is uses Blockhain to strip out huge middleman and adminsoitration costs of investing, so you can invest as little as £10 on the smae terms as the institutions.

  • Learn what crypto staking is and why AuBit's supercharger cryoto staking products have been providing investors with upwards of 26% returns to date.

  • Be amused by Peter's stories - some incredible, some funny and some scary but all true.

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