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The Revolutionary Opera Experience That’s So Immersive It Leaves Even Sun Reading Philistines Begging For Encores

With Special Introductory Talk By Chris Bell

Siegfried Opera.png

Wednesday 7th January 2024

5 pm - 9.50 pm 

Freemasons' Hall

60 Great Queen St, London WC2B 5AZ

Join Regent Opera for an Unparalleled Wagnerian Experience – Where Music Meets Mythology
Regent Opera presents Wagner’s Siegfried, a performance that redefines the traditional opera experience. This rendition of the legendary tale is engaging and intimate, appealing to those who both appreciate the depth and complexity of Opera and those that are new to it.

Why Siegfried at Regent Opera is a Must-See:

  • Performers are a few feet away: The unique staging at the Freemasons’ Hall ensures a closeness to the performance, allowing for a more personal connection with the story and its characters.

  • Orchestral Precision: Under the guidance of Music Director Ben Woodward, the 23-piece orchestra achieves a sound that is both rich and nuanced. Despite its smaller size, the orchestra delivers a performance that is as compelling as a full-scale opera orchestra. 

  • Depth of Emotion: Regent Opera's Siegfried is known for its ability to connect with audiences on an emotional level. This performance is both moving and thought-provoking on multiple levels, resonating with audiences long after the curtains close.

  • Unbelievable value: Regent Opera offers the opportunity to experience opera’s power and emotion without the traditional barriers of high opera prices.

The Tale of Siegfried

Wagner's Siegfried, part of the renowned Ring Cycle, follows the journey of its eponymous hero as he seeks purpose and understanding in a world of gods and dragons. Raised by the dwarf Mime after his mother’s death, Siegfried's path leads him through challenges and revelations, culminating in the discovery of the sleeping Brünnhilde. This opera is a story of growth, courage, and the complexities of human emotion.

Chris Bell - Revellers’ Club Cultural Attache

Chris Bell, an expert on Wagner's works, offers a pre-event talk, providing valuable insights into the opera. His appreciation of Regent Opera's ground-breaking approach, combined with his deep knowledge of Wagner, promises to enrich your understanding. You’ll enjoy the performance even more.

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