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If you buy Survivors

You'll get more from the talk on 3rd June.
You can email David Bradley with your questions in advance.
You can bring your copy and Catherine will sign it.

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All 5 Star reviews...

A magnificent historical novel

In this gripping historical novel, Christopher Meyer recreates some of the most turbulent times of the 20th century - the collapse of Tsarist Russia, the Russian Revolution, the Japanese invasion of Manchuria and the Chinese Civil War. His grasp of detail is impressive and he brilliantly creates the reality of life in these troubled times. Against this dramatic background, he weaves the compelling story of an extraordinary woman and her two daughters, surviving against all the odds. It is a magnificent achievement. Sadly this will be Christopher's only novel but, thanks to Catherine's determination, it will have a lasting impact.

 Great page turner!

This was a fantastic read! Excellent characterisations; great attention to detail and very easy to read. I felt transported back in time and have a much better sense of what it would have been like living through the Russian Revolution and its aftermath. Highly Recommended."

Fabulously written - a real page turner!

“This book, by the formidable diplomat Sir Christopher Meyer (affectionately known as ‘Sir Socks’ on account of his penchant for red ones) is a brilliant tale which weaves the facts of his mother-in-law’s remarkable escape as a child at the outbreak of the Russian Revolution only to fall into the nightmare turmoil of the Chinese civil war and the outbreak of WW2. A pacy tale which carries the reader along with the excitement, the terror, the pathos, all heightened by the knowledge that, although ‘embroidered’, the story is fundamentally true. Throughly recommended.”

Written by the late Sir Christopher Meyer - and completed by Catherine.

Christopher Meyer.png

Sir Christopher Meyer was the longest-serving British Ambassador to the US since 1945. However, his time as a diplomat in Moscow in the 1960s and 1980s allowed him to fuse insights about the Russian psyche and its history into Survivors. 
Hours of conversations with Catherine's mother and her papers and diaries gave Christopher priceless material to write this page-turning, unputdownable book.
While working on the manuscript, Christopher died on 27th July 2022 in Megeve.
A published author, Catherine, completed the book, reducing 650 pages to 400.
Sir Christopher's other books are DC Confidential, Getting Our Way, and Only Child.

About Lady Meyer

Catherine Meyer Red Coat.png

Catherine, The Baroness Meyer of Nine Elms, CBE, is a Conservative Working Peer, businesswoman, and author.

She is the widow of Sir Christopher Meyer, the British former Ambassador to the United States and Germany and a diplomat posted to the Soviet Union in the 1960s and 1980s.

In 1999, she founded the charity PACT, now Action Against Abduction. In 2018, Prime Minister Teresa May appointed Catherine to the House of Lords, and in 2020, Prime Minister Boris Johnson appointed her as the UK's (first) Trade Envoy to Ukraine.

She met Christopher, the newly appointed British Ambassador to Germany, in 1997.   She hoped he could help her retrieve her two sons, who had been illegally retained by her German ex-husband following their summer holidays in 1994. 

"I can't get your children back. But will you marry me?" he asked. 

She accepted.

They jetted off to Washington, where Christopher had just been appointed the UK's Ambassador to the United States. Catherine got to know Clinton and Bush, who both lobbied the German Chancellor to retrieve her sons—but to no avail.

Catherine has written Two Children Behind a Wall, and These Are My Children, Too.

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