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Help Stop the Sir Humphries Spending £1 Trillion / Year

Sir Humphrey on Civil Service Numbers... 

Sir Humphrey Appleby, GCB, KBE, MVO, MA (Oxon), the fictional Permanent Secretary for the Department of Administrative Affairs.

Is Parkinson's Law to blame?

About the TaxPayers' Alliance

About the TaxPayers’ Alliance


The TaxPayers' Alliance (TPA) is the leading grass roots research organisation and pressure group campaigning for lower, reformed taxes and cutting (often outrageous) Public Sector waste.


It was founded in 2005 by Matthew Elliott and Andrew Allum. It is now run by CEO John O’Connell.


Under John’s leadership, the TPA’s achievements include: 


  • Stopping 327 public sector organisations funding Stonewall

  • Forcing recognition that the real National debt is not £2.5 trillion, but £9.6 trillion. (Taking into account unfunded state and public sector pension contributions.)

  • Sustained campaigning led Chancellor Sunak to raise the stamp duty threshold to £500,000.

  • Publication of Trade Union and Town Hall 2021 Rich lists. Revelations include thirty trade union bosses and 2,921 local council employees earning more than £100,000 per year.


The TPA’s research revealed that the furlough scheme extension would have cost an extra £18 billion. That the Treasury couldn't explain how this was to be funded may explain why they decided not to proceed. 

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