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Leave London for a Country Walk Weekend

Weekend August 7th/8th

Leave London, and enjoy fresh air, twittering swallows and panoramic views across the Bourne Valley, Hampshire, during an hour and half walk.

Then have a an extremely good lunch at the George Inn, St Mary Bourne.

After lunch we check in at the sumptuous Grosvenor Hotel, Stockbridge, (or wherever you choose to stay) then check out the art galleries, independent shops and cafes in Stockbridge - or take a well earned siesta. For the energetic, there are the banks of the River Test and the water meadows to explore - or the hills of Stockbridge Down instead.

That evening we'll have dinner at the smartly refurbished Grosvenor, where the food's excellent. 

On Sunday, we'll relax, chat and over breakfast, coffee and the Sunday papers at the Grosvenor. Those that want to explore the countryside can do that - and we'll all meet in a country pub for lunch before returning home.

It's all very relaxed; you can dip in and out of any of the above.


£30 weekend membership or £20 before 24th July. (Doesn't apply to Founders' Pass holders.)

All other bills you pay yourself. The organiser's lunch and dinner bill is split between guests.

£20 (£30 AFTER 24TH JULY)

Once you join, simply book the hotel of your choice - see the list below.


By Train: on Saturday, the 09.48 from Paddington arrives 11.02 in Andover (change at reading.) There's a taxi rank outside Andover Station and St Mary Bourne is 10 minutes away.

Coming back, the 16.03 from Andover arrives 17.27 in Paddington.

By Car: St Mary Bourne is roughly 90 minutes from central London.



The George Inn,

St Mary Bourne, SP11 6BG.

The Grosvenor Hotel
High Street, Stockbridge, SO20 6EU.

LIFTS: there will be a WhatsApp Group so people join that to communicate about this. 

The plan.

Arrive at the George Inn at 11.15 am on Saturday. (15 minutes from Andover Station).

Walk from 11.45am - 2.00pm

2.00pm - 4pm Lunch

Retire to hotel for siesta/shopping in Stockbridge.

Dinner at the Grosvenor, Stockbridge.


Up to 11.00am - breakfast, papers coffee and debate.

Walk - - 1pm.

Pub lunch

Then back to reality.

Estimated food and accommodation costs

Accommodation from £130 - £200

Lunches - £25 - £35

Dinner - £50 - £60




The Grosvenor, Stockbridge,

T: 01264 810606  

The White Hart, Stockbridge

01264 810663

The Three Cups, Stockbridge

01264 810 527

There are also a plethora of Airbnbs within 10 - 20 mins of Stockbridge. 

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