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Winning Coins


And How to Spot Them

William Ralston-Saul will share the tools and methodologies that the experts don't want ordinary people to access. 
You'll know a lot more about selecting coins more likely to win in the next Bull Market.

** This talk is educational and entertaining**
It is not imparting investment advice.

Winning Coins Image.jpeg

Anyone can pick winners if they know where to research online, can access the right tools and understand the fundamentals.

Monday 27th June 2022, 7pm

Venue: Upstairs at the Prince Albert, Albert Bridge Road, SW11.

Arrive 7.00pm

Drinks (Cash Bar)

 Talk 7.30pm

 Dinner (not included in price) 8.45pm

Tickets £30 

If we have to postpone because of Covid or the speaker is ill (unlikely), we’ll postpone. If you can’t make the new date, you can either have a free ticket to a later talk, or your money back.

William will introduce you to: -

Understanding the fundamentals, such as: -

  • Does the token solve a problem?

  • Is there an actual use case?

  • What's the competition? (And where can you find it)

  • Is the sector trending?

  • Is the team credible?

  • Have established funds invested? 


  • When to NOT buy

  • Reasons to buy in a bear market

Tokenomics -

Token + Economics = Tokenomics

Why avoid a coin with good fundamentals but poor Tokenomics.


Start interpreting and making sense from stats like circulating supply, token price and fully diluted market cap.

Tokenomics is vital.

Absorb all the above in the social, convivial company of your

fellow Revellers, over a glass or two.

William will talk through fundamentals. Once known, you'll think they're just common sense. But you need an educator like William to teach you first.

Pre-Talk Video Interview
David Bradley asks Willam
how to spot a future winning coin.


About William Ralston-Saul

William Ralston-Saul is a crypto investor and tutor. He founded InCryptoHub in 2020, which addresses pent-up demand to learn more about Crypto. Clients tend to be private individuals and financial organisations.

William started his career working in the mining industry in Tajikistan where he worked for 13 years. He co-founded his first mining company in 2006, which he later sold in 2013 and made his way back to the UK.

William’s next venture was to co-found two companies, one focused on nanotechnology research and the other a private school in India. He remains very actively involved to this day in these ventures.

Monday 27th June 2022, 7pm

Venue: Upstairs at the Prince Albert, Albert Bridge Road, SW11.

Arrive 7pm

Drinks (Cash Bar)

 Talk 7.30pm


Dinner (not included in price) 8.45pm

Tickets £30

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