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Future Events

Heaven and Hell
8th May 2024

An evening of cocktails, gossip and dancing downstairs in Hell. Upstairs is pure Heaven. Champagne, chablis and exquisite conversations about the good things in life.
Unlike the Afterlife, you can flit between the two via the stairs (purgatory). At London's top Swedish cocktail (and rave) bar.

Details here.


3rd June 2024

Lady Meyer's husband, the late Sir
Christopher Meyer (British Ambassador to the US) encapsulated the story of Catherine's aristocratic Russian grandparents in the enthralling, page-turning book Survivors. The Bolsheviks chased them and their two daughters across Siberia. Finally, in 1920, they reached Manchuria, only to be met by civil war and a pending Japanese invasion. 
Sadly, Christopher died before finally finishing it. 
Catherine completed, edited, and published it. David Bradley will interview Catherine about what actually happened to her grandparents, why she wrote it, and what society would look like if tyranny prevailed here. 


Survivors Cover.png

Social Kitchen Bridge

4th June June 2024

Social Backgammon with a Show Game

11th June 2024

Top Backgammon experts Andrew Selby and Tariq Siddiqi will play a show game at Brinkleys with Revellers gathered around. 

Revellers will glean all sorts of tips, tactics, and strategies as the experts share their thoughts before making their moves. Next, Revellers will play one another, putting into practice what they've learned, with expert help on hand. Open to all skills, as long as everyone knows the basics. 

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