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George Inn, St Mary Bourne

The George Inn, St Mary Bourne, in the heart of the Bourne Valley, Hampshire, is surrounded by lovely countryside and wonderful walks.


For me it also holds great memories. I remember May Day 1995 as deliciously hot, with Morris dancers jigging ridiculously in their funny clothes outside the George Inn, St Mary Bourne. As I watched, warming in the spring sun and sipping a rather earlyish pint, I heard a  ka-ching of the till – and felt a frisson of excitement as my parents had done what so many people do when they reach their 60s: they had bought a pub – this one.  


The years that followed were fun. After refurbishing the place, it was party time. I invited London friends to long Sunday lunches at long tables, DJ’d for new year’s eve (twice). Then suddenly my father died in May 1998 – and my mother sold The George to Hall & Wodehouse.


Cut to 2021, and the pub has now been acquired by none other than Chris Phillips. He founded Front Page Pubs in the 1980s, including Sporting Page in Limerston Street and the Front Page (now the Pigs Ear) in Old Church St off the Kings Road. He sold them in 2007 and then went on to buy the Fox at Tangley, making a great success of it. Why does this matter? He’s fabulous at food. He’s got a great sense of style and his venues have always provided a very good time.


The other reason for choosing the George Inn at St Mary Bourne is because is those amazing walks.

The George Inn,

St Mary Bourne, SP11 6BG.

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