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What is Revellers' Club

Revellers' Club, based in London, is a social and business network for those who enjoy socialising, partying and attending interesting live talks. 

What's the joining fee?

Currently, there is no monthly or annual joining fee. Members attend events "pay-as-you-go". That may change so that Revellers' Club can expand.

How can I join Revellers' Club?

Ideally, a Reveller or business contact would have referred you. If not, do attend one of our events. We can then both make sure we're a good fit. 

Who are Revellers' Club members?

They tend to be people approaching their late 40s - including from the wrong side. Most, but not all, are English. They tend to live in central London. Some live in the countryside and take a train to London and back for the evening. Revellers are entrepreneurs, investors and professionals. Some are retired. They all enjoy socialising and partying and the various talks they attend.

How many Revellers are there?

Typically between 20 and 60 people attend events we organise.

How often do events occur? 

Apart from August, there is usually at least one event every month. Sometimes more.

What sort events does Revellers' Club organise?

We organise talks about current affairs, history and politics. We also hold fun, social events where there's often "a chance to dance." We arrange weekend pub lunches, Sunday lunches at London restaurants, track days and clay shooting in Hampshire and long weekend trips to Italy. Visit and to know more.

Can I give a talk to Revellers' Club - or refer someone to speak?

Yes, so long as you (or they) are an engaging speaker, a master of your subject, and it interests Revellers. In this case, please email David Bradley at

Is Revellers' Club a "singles club"?

No. That would imply it's not for those married or in a relationship. Revellers' Club is for anyone who is amusing, entertaining, interesting and fun.  

Is Revellers' Club good for business networking?

Yes, but Revellers' Club is primarily social. So please don't open a conversation with "What do you do?" as you might at an 8 am business breakfast. 

Can I give my ticket to a friend if I can't make the event?

Yes, so long as you warn us. We can then add your lucky substitute to the guest list. 

How many people can I invite to an event?

You can invite as many as you'd like. But you must buy your guests tickets if it is a ticketed event.

How much do Revellers' Club events cost?

Prices vary for each event. Talks are from around £20 for early bird buyers. Late payers pay £10 more. For trips abroad, Revellers pay for their accommodation directly with the hotel or venue and pay a management fee to Revellers' Club for managing the trip. A trip management fee is typically around £60 per person for a weekend trip. There may be a small management fee to cover admin costs for miscellaneous non-Revellers' Club events and other gatherings we attend. 

Can I pay cash at the door for talks?

No. Tickets are in advance only. Tickets are available online on the dedicated page for each event. You can pay by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.

If you have any other questions, please email David Bradley at


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