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Heaven and Hell

Wicked cocktails and dancing to hot vibes in Hell... with champagne and chablis in Heaven.

You Start in Hell

Heaven and Hell Party - Hell.webp

Then ascend to Heaven

Heaven Dress Girls.webp

You first descend into the depths of Hell...

Devilishly good cocktails greet you as you wonder why you bothered attempting to live a good and pure life. You meet plenty of naughty souls. Some you know, others you're meeting for the first time. Dancing follows later to the most danceable mix of tunes in Chelsea.

Unlike in the Afterlife, you can ascend from Hell to Heaven via Purgatory (stairs). 

Here, you can order Champagne, drink Chablis, and talk about love in the holy company of erudite sophisticates. 

Wednesday 8th May 2024


London's best Swedish cocktail bar.

138 Fulham Rd., South Kensington, London SW10 9PY

Arrive at 8 pm SHARP for complimentary cocktails.
Music and dancing 10 pm - 1 am in Hell.

Tickets in Advance Only


Includes choice of either cocktail or "mocktail" on arrival before 9 pm.

Cash bars thereafter.

Introduce someone new to Revellers' Club who attends,

and management will give you both a playing card exchangeable for another cocktail.

Come dressed looking heavenly or devilish in black, red or white.

If, for whatever reason, we must cancel the talk or you (with at least five days' notice) can't make it, you will receive a complimentary ticket to another Revellers' Club event. If there isn't one that you want to attend, you'll receive a refund.

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