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Pre-Talk Videos and Podcast Snippets

Below are some carefully selected videos to give you helpful background on crypto. That way, you'll get much more from each talk.

Winning Coins - a pretalk interview.

David Bradley quizzes crypto-simplifier William Ralston-Saul about how to spot a "winning coin".

(Precursor to the Winning Coins talk on 27 June.)

Understanding NFTs - a pretalk interview.

William Ralston-Saul on NFTs in preparation for the talk on 27th April 2022.

NFTs - an Introduction.David Bradley and William Ralston-Saul
00:00 / 20:20

The Chess Analogy for Understanding Blockchain

An excellent in depth video on
understanding Blockchain.

Crypto Opportunities 
David Bradley talks to William Ralston-Saul
Crypto Opportunities Pre-Talk Interview, March 2022 )

A brief interview with
Aubit Co-Founder Peter Neilson
(who sponsored the Crypto Opportunity Talk)

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